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The Ontario EV Rebate: How Does It Affect Me?

The Ontario EV Rebate: How Does It Affect Me?

Many electric vehicle owners across Canada are eligible for rebates, with some drivers earning up to as much as $5,000 per electric vehicle. But what about Ontario drivers?

As Canada encourages environmentally friendly changes in the automotive industry, electric vehicle (EV) owners stand to benefit. This blog post will help you understand your Ontario EV rebate options compared to other provinces, and your eco-friendly vehicle choices at Woodbine Nissan.

Come along for the EV ride!

A black 2023 Nissan Ariya as shown in a Nissan showroom.

Check out Woodbine Nissan’s current inventory of All-Electric Vehicles here!

Canadian iZEV Program

The Canadian national government runs the iZEV program, which stands for Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles. This program is available nationwide and offers financial incentives to Canadians and Canadian businesses looking into purchasing or leasing eligible zero-emission vehicles.

This incentive program offers up to $5000 per electric vehicle that qualifies. However, there are limits to how many incentives can be received, and individuals are only eligible for one iZEV incentive per calendar year.


How Do I Qualify?

To qualify for this incentive, your vehicle must be a qualifying zero-emission vehicle (ZEV), meaning a vehicle with the potential to produce zero tailpipe emissions. 

ZEVs are considered to be:

  • Fuel cell electric
  • Plug-in hybrid electric
  • Battery-electric


A white Nissan LEAF EV vehicle is charging at a charging station.

Want to know which vehicles qualify for this incentive? Transport Canada provides an updated list here.


How Does It Work?

Incentives are applied at the point of sale in dealerships once your eligibility has been confirmed. This means that only enrolled dealerships can submit the request!


So you’ve selected the ZEV you would like to purchase or lease at our dealership, now what?

Step One: Complete the Consumer Consent Form

This is part of the eligibility verification process.

Step Two: Complete the Incentive Received Form

This form is to be completed once your eligibility has been confirmed. Your incentive will appear on the bill of sale or lease agreement directly.

Step Three: The Dealership Will Submit the Documentation

The dealership must submit all documentation required to be reimbursed.


Important to Note:

  • The dealership must apply taxes or fees before applying the incentive.
  • You are not required to make a deposit to receive the incentive.
  • The incentive should appear directly on your bill of sale or lease agreement, and should not arrive as a cheque later.


Cars parked in front of the Woodbine Nissan car dealership.

Want to learn more about Canada’s iZEV program? Click here.


Ontario’s Green Vehicle License Plate Program

The province of Ontario also runs a Green License Plate Program which provides green license plates for eligible types of low-carbon vehicles. This is Ontario’s attempt to support more zero-emission vehicles on our roads!


An Ontario green license plate.


How Do I Qualify?

So you want to apply, but which vehicles qualify for this Ontario EV program?

You can apply for eligible green license plates for the following vehicles:

  • Battery electric vehicles (BEV)
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCVs)
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)
  • PHEVs and BEVs that are used (2010 or later model)


What Are the Benefits?

Vehicles that are eligible for green license plates (low to zero-emission vehicles) can drive in High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes with any number of occupants, and High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes at no cost with any number of occupants. HOT lanes include 400-series highways and the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)! 

Look out for these signs on HOV and HOT lanes in Ontario to enjoy these benefits!

Ontario traffic signs for the HOT and HOV highway lanes.

Want to apply for a green license plate? Get yours at any ServiceOntario location, in-person or online.


Ontario EV Rebate

Unlike other provinces and territories in Canada, Ontario does not offer a provincial rebate for electric vehicles. 


So What Does Ontario Offer?

So, what can you get for the Ontario EV Rebate? As listed above, Ontario drivers can apply for the iZEV incentive when purchasing or leasing a vehicle from an enrolled dealership like us, and they can apply for ServiceOntario’s green license plate program. 

They also offer reserved charging spaces in public spaces! Tickets can be issued for parking a non-electric vehicle in a designated EV charging space, and for parking an EV in an EV charging space not plugged in. Ticketed car owners may be subject to a fine of $125. (section 30.2, Highway Traffic Act)


Ontario EV charging traffic signs used for designated EV charging spots.


Nissan’s Electric Vehicles

Woodbine Nissan has a selection of new and pre-owned electric vehicles available to you, and better yet, we are an enrolled dealership with the Canadian iZEV program! 

That means you can make the eco-friendly choice, and get a federal financial incentive to cover the higher front cost. 

Check out our New All-Electric Vehicles here!


EV Highlight: 2024 Nissan LEAF SV PLUS

The Nissan LEAF is one of the best-selling electric vehicles ever, and the new 2024 model makes it even better.

The 2024 LEAF SV PLUS has a 160kW AC synchronous electric motor (EM57) and a 60kWh lithium-ion battery with 11 hours of charge time. This boasts an impressive 214 horsepower (hp) for the size of this eco-friendly AND city-friendly hatchback.

With its long driving range, powerful electric motor, and reasonable price, the Nissan LEAF SV PLUS is a great choice for your first electric vehicle!

A red 2024 Nissan LEAF SV PLUS+ electric vehicle.


Check the 2024 Nissan LEAF SV PLUS out for yourself here, or by visiting our dealership.


EV Highlight: 2024 Nissan Ariya

If you’re looking for something bigger than the Nissan LEAF, then the Nissan Ariya is for you! 

The 2024 Nissan Ariya is a fully electric SUV with up to 465km of range and an 87kWh battery. This SUV packs a punch with a more than impressive 389 horsepower (hp) with select trims.

With up to 1,690L of storage space, sound insulation, heated seats, and a lounge-like interior, you’ll be driving in style while saving the planet. And the best news? It also qualifies for the federal iZEV rebate!

A 2024 Nissan Ariya EV in a rust orange colour

Check out the 2024 Nissan Aryia specs for Nissan Canada here.


Your Ontario EV Rebate Dealership

Come visit our team at Woodbine Nissan to purchase or lease your next electric vehicle, and get your federal EV rebate.

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