We Want Your Trade! We'll Buy Your Vehicle Even If You Don't Buy Ours Value Your Trade Today

We Want Your Trade! We'll Buy Your Vehicle Even If You Don't Buy Ours Value Your Trade Today

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Out Of Town Shopping Experience

Out Of Town Shopping Experience

At Woodbine Nissan we take pride in making vehicle purchases as convenient for you as possible. We understand that you will have questions regarding your purchase, here at Woodbine Nissan we want to make your purchase as seamless as possible. If you have any questions about the process any of our sales managers would be happy to assist you and go through all the information.

Our process for out-of-town customers is simple: we will provide you with a mechanical report and Carproof of the vehicle, and answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

Below is some of the tax information about out-of-province purchases.

Tax On Sales To Out-Of-Province Purchases

When a delivery takes place outside of Ontario the federal tax in that province will apply.
The delivery takes place in the province where the customer takes possession of the vehicle.

For example: If the delivery takes place at the dealership of your home in Ontario, you will be charged the Ontario federal tax rate of 13%.
If delivery takes place in Alberta, you will be charged the Alberta federal tax rate of 5%.

Below are the tax rates that correspond with each province and territory in Canada:

Delivery To  Tax Rate %
 Alberta  5%
 Nova Scotia  15%
 Prince Edward Island  14%
 New Brunswick  13%
 Newfoundland  13%
 British Columbia  5%
 Manitoba  5%
 North West Territories  5%
 Nunavut  5%
 Yukon  5%
 Quebec  5%
 Saskachewan  5%
If you take delivery of a vehicle in a non PST province, you do not have to pay pay PST if you meet the following criteria:
You complete the certificate of exemption for purchasing your vehicle out of province.
We are responsible for obtaining the proper documentation for out of province purchases. Two pieces of valid ID are required, they can be any of the following:
A valid out of province driver's license. Provincial medical plan card. A current utility bill showing your address.*Items including SIN cards, or credit cards are not considered valid identification for this purchase.

We have multiple shipping options available. We gather competitive quotes from all over the province to bring you the best quality shipping option available.