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Joe David
General Manager

Joe provides the Woodbine Nissan team with inspiration, motivation, and leadership. His motto is "What you know in advance, do in advance". Joe demonstrates this passion for excellence by his hands-on involvement on the dealership sales floor, the service drive-through, and in the shop. His career in the automotive industry includes assignments running successful dealerships in the US and several years working on both sides of the border with Reynolds & Reynolds building dealership systems to better serve dealership customers and achieve greater operational efficiency for R&R's client dealerships. In January 2018, Joe was asked by the Prestige Auto Group (new owners of Woodbine Nissan) to lead the business and bring it to a level of operational excellence as General Manager. Already, the dealership is experiencing record sales and service levels and achieving Nissan Canada's top customer service scores. Despite these initial accomplishments, Joe can be found at the dealership most days, coaching, mentoring, and encouraging all members of the team as well as meeting with customers and community leaders.

Oliver Dempsey
General Sales Manager
(416) 748-2900 ext. 2366

Oliver is normally one of the first people you meet when you arrive at the dealership and his easy-going approach (and natural Irish charm) puts everyone quickly at ease. And, at 6' 4", he's easy to locate on the sales floor. Oliver has over 15 years experience in the Auto Industry including a decade working the Nissan product line here at Woodbine Nissan. He also knows all aspects of the car business which makes him a great resource to customers and the sales team. Oliver is dedicated to providing an outstanding purchase experience so customers are not only satisfied but become fans and ambassadors of Woodbine Nissan!

Niv Nagendram
Service Manager
(416) 748-2900

Niv started working at Woodbine Nissan part-time while studying at university and has done most jobs in the Service Department including Service Advisor where he became a favourite of customers who appreciated his warm, friendly and knowledgeable approach. He's since worked with customers to complete their vehicle purchase in the Finance office which led to Niv joining the Sales Team as Assistant Sales Manager and then Sales Manager. His recent return to the Service Department as Service Manager provides the dealership with a great combination of energy and experience along with a customer service bias in a key part of the business. Niv is now well-known to most of our customers from his exposure via Sales, Finance and Service.

Bradley Sawh
Parts Manager

We are glad to have Brad (who has joined the team recently) leading and managing our Parts Department. Brad brings a couple decades of experience in the Nissan world in addition to many years with other established automotive brands. He's quickly finding improvements to our operations to help provide higher service levels to the several customer groups we serve. Of course, our #1 customer is our own workshop where having the right parts when they are needed means our retail service customers get their vehicles in and out without delay.

Alex Spanopulos
Director of Finance
(416) 748-2900 ext. 2316

Alex brings over 35 years of automotive and financial services industry experience to the dealership so he is our "go to" expert at the dealership on all topics related to vehicle financing and ownership. Because of his extensive relationships at most of Canada's financial institutions, he has a knack of helping customers not only get approved, but find the absolute best rate available. The dealership (and its customers) are fortunate to have Alex and his capabilities on the team

Peter Stamatopoulos
Sales Manager
(416) 748-2900 ext. 7246

Peter has recently joined Woodbine Nissan following a 25 year automotive sales career including the past decade in the Toyota/Lexus world with earlier assignments at Ford and some time at Jaguar Land Rover. He brings a high level of professionalism to our dealership and is delighted to join what he sees as an innovative (Nissan) brand as well as an established dealership with the talent and leadership to take it to a top tier operation. He's excited to be part of the upbeat "vibe" at Woodbine Nissan.

Jacy Caruth
Marketing Director
(780) 509-6044

Rashid Chaudary
(416) 748-2900



Bill Bennett
Fleet Manager

Sunil Agarwal
Business Development Specialist
(416) 748-2900 ext. 2302

Languages: English & Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, Bhojpuri, and Marathi. Sunil has worked a lifetime in the automotive industry, first, 16 years overseas and since 2011 in Canada. Sunil was always a top performer including when he worked the sales floor at this dealership (holding a number of dealership sales records). Sunil continues to keep a close connection to clients from the past as well as to new visitors to the showroom in his current role where he meets with past customers as well new prospects. He seeks to understand each client's particular transportation issue so he can propose solutions that will work for their vehicle needs as well as their wallet.

Peter Scott
Commercial Vehicles Product Advisor
(416) 748-2900 ext. 2304

Languages: English Peter has had many years of experience serving customers in the Financial Services sector prior to moving into the Retail Automotive Industry. His career includes management positions at TD, BCI Bank and RBC. Peter is now our Commercial Vehicle Specialist and is well known to our small business customers. He enjoys the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients to help them make the major decision of acquiring a new vehicle. Peter's customers tell us that they appreciate his sincere approach to doing business and his attention to detail. He is his customers' advocate at the dealership and frequently can be found assisting customers with a post-purchase question or concern. Peter is a true believer in the idea of building a long-term relationship with each customer.

Pearse Kennedy
Internet Sales Manager
(416) 748-29002328

Languages: English Pearse comes from County Claire, Ireland and brings with him the charm and soft-spoken character you might expect. Following a few years in the Hospitality Industry, he was encouraged to turn in his bartender towel for a car sales license and joined our dealership. In either profession, you need to be a good listener and Pearse loves to learn about clients' transportation problems so he can help to offer solutions. Clients seem to like working with Pearse in a friction-free manner that has been a key contributor to his success to date.

Reina Gimena
Product Advisor
(647) 740-6348

Languages: English, Filipino Reina has been serving customers in several industries since arriving in Canada over 15 years ago. Her experiences in Hospitality and Travel have provided a great foundation for her role as a Nissan Product Advisor. Although relatively new to the car business, Reina is enjoying great success and customers are very happy with her engaging approach and dedication to delivering an outstanding purchase experience. She enjoys connecting with customers on a daily basis and her commitment to clients is apparent to all.

Anthony Gazzellone
Product Advisor

Languages: English Even though his father is an automotive technician, Anthony has never really been a "car guy". But he certainly is a "people person" which is not that surprising given that he comes straight from college with a degree in Social Sciences. He knows how the vehicles he sells work but he is happiest talking to clients about their transportation circumstances and how he can help them find the best vehicle solution. Clients seem to like Anthony's transparent and consultative approach judging by his great success to date. Acting in a professional advisor role provides clients with a low pressure, friction-free experience and that has resulted in Anthony developing a loyal client following. Evidence that Anthony enjoys every day at the dealership can be found in his favourite expression: "it doesn't feel like a job".

Sina Khojasteh
Vehicle Exchange Consultant

Languages: English Sina draws on his interest in people to engage clients and create a memorable experience for them understanding that buying a car can be a challenging endeavour. Even though he started out studying Health Sciences focused on Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, he's finding out that this background has been an asset in the car business to better understanding clients' needs and motivations. Customers enjoy his friendly demeaner and appreciate his disciplined follow up to insure a friction-free buying experience. Although relatively new to the business, he is experiencing great success and quickly gaining a following of loyal clients.

Sizar Issa
Product Advisor
(647) 834-7501

Languages: English, Arabic Sizar is no stranger to interacting with clients in a retail setting having come to the car business following over a half dozen years in the fine apparel industry. He's found the transition to be very smooth and is enjoying the new challenges of helping clients through one of life's most important purchase decisions. His success to date has been fueled by a passion for cars, a customer service mindset, and encouragement from several friends in the car business who have been supportive of his transition to car sales. Sizar is quickly becoming one of the bright lights at the dealership with a growing list of fans who appreciate his eagerness to serve.

Melody Qian
Product Advisor
(416) 748-2900 ext. 2361

Languages: English, Mandarin and Cantonese Melody enjoys helping customers find the vehicle that perfectly fits their particular situation and lifestyle. It helps that she is an engineer by training and knows the product line inside and out so she is prepared to match customers to the perfect vehicle. Her long list of customer testimonials is proof of her dedication to providing a dream-come-true car purchase experience for every client.

Victoria Thompson
Delivery Coordinator

Languages: English The Delivery Coordinator is the last point of contact with our clients in the purchase process and Victoria is keenly aware of her critical role in creating a dream-come-true delivery experience for each customer. Victoria is up to the challenge and enjoys working with clients from a variety of backgrounds as well as coordinating the logistics and dealership resources to bring together a memorable delivery experience. Victoria brings a rich background of retail experience in the high-end fashion business as well as a broad range of interests and talents. She's an avid reader, an accomplished landscape painter, and a lover of luxury (a silver Corvette would be her dream car).



Hailey Suggitt
Financial Advisor
(416) 748-2900

Languages: English Hailey comes to the automotive business from the security industry where she holds a Police Foundations diploma as well as several years working in the field. A couple of years ago she decided to re-deploy her assessment skills and disciplined work ethic at Woodbine Nissan where she is now happily assisting customers with the logistics of financing, licensing, and protecting their new vehicle investment. Hailey enjoys meeting clients from many different backgrounds on a daily basis which is part of a "typical" day for her at Woodbine Nissan.

Ryan Yau
Finance Advisor

Languages: English, (Cantonese) Ryan is a true car enthusiast even though he studied business systems and technology at university. His dream car is the Nissan GT-R (so he picked the right brand to stay within reach of an iconic high-performance sports coupe). Ryan enjoys working with customers where he's discovering that every day brings new and interesting people and challenges. That keeps the work fascinating and a constant learning experience. Following a successful assignment in the Service Department assisting customers, he has recently transitioned to the Finance Office where he is helping customers to arrange their financing and protect their recently acquired new or used vehicles and continues to build on his auto industry success.



Pawel Nowak
Apprentice Technician

Rupi Lalli
Service Concierge
(416) 748-2900 ext. 2305

Languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi Even though Rupi has a diploma in Paralegal Studies (and worked in a law office prior to joining the dealership), she decided several years ago to bring her talents to Woodbine Nissan where she has worked in a customer service role and had moved into the business office where the challenges of tailoring a solution are different for each client. She gets great satisfaction helping customers navigate the financing of their purchase and helping to insure a friction-free delivery. 

Now Rupi has moved over to our growing Service Department, continuing to provide our clients with top notch client care.

Patricia Censoni
Business Development Manager
(416) 748-2900

Languages: English, Italian Patricia probably talks to more of our customers on a daily basis than anyone at the dealership as she books/confirms appointments, calls with reminders, follows up with post-service calls to customers and explains the status on vehicles in for service. And she knows our clients personally through multiple vehicle ownerships and many interactions. Patricia has been communicating with customers by phone and email (and in person) since she started at Woodbine Nissan in 2011 and enjoys getting to know each new customer and being the connection that enhances their ownership experience.

Chris Freitas
Collision Centre Manager

No contact details at this time

Michael ( Mike) Abalos
Service Advisor

Languages: English, Spanish Mike made the transition from auto shop apprentice (where he worked for six years) to Service Advisor where he meets with and assists Service customers. It's quite different than working on cars but Mike understands how your car operates and can communicate what work needs to be done and why. He has an open and friendly manner that fits his personality so clients feel confident in his advice and recommendations. We are glad to have Mike serving customers.

Jason Caetano

Languages: English It's hard to catch Jason without a smile on his face. He loves his job and it comes through in a genuine smile. His extended family has run an auto parts business and he has owned and operated a number of small businesses but he now finds great satisfaction assisting Woodbine Nissan clients to enjoy their brief visit and then get them on their way with minimum disruption. In his spare time, Jason has honed his skills as an expert bowler and competes as a semi-pro as well as coaching the sport.

Viash Maharaj
(416) 748-2900

Ron Chand
Service Advisor
(416) 748-2900

Ron has over six years in the automotive industry working as an apprentice and then as a fully certified Automotive Service Technician since joining our dealership in 2016. He has recently swapped his mechanic's tools for a role with the front-end team as a Service Advisor. It's great to add Ron's experience working on customers' vehicles with the insights and advice he can bring to customers who can be assured of getting the real story on the condition and needs of their most important transportation device. Many of our customers will already know Ron by his easy-going demeanor and his commitment to providing outstanding service every day.

Amo Grazia
(416) 748-2900

Amanpreet Ressi
(416) 748-2900

Mark Hiebert

No contact details at this time

Wally Kakish
Shuttle Driver

Languages: English, Arabic, Greek, Turkish (and several others) With almost 20 years in the car business in various customer service roles and the ability to converse with customers from all backgrounds, Wally is a true asset to the dealership. His friendly smile and engaging demeanour guarantee that your ride home or to work and back for your vehicle will be the highlight of your day. Wally loves working at Woodbine Nissan and enjoys helping customers get on with their day.

Amarit Lalli

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John Weir
Customer Service Representative

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Daniel Iacino

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Amaritpal Gill

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Kevin Brazeau

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Michael Hayden
Parts Advisor

Michael brings over two decades of auto industry experience to the dealership including the past decade with Nissan products. Whether it is a Nissan part or a difficult-to-find competitor brand, Michael has developed an ability to acquire those unique parts that just seem to elude others in the business. Trying to find parts that do not seem to be available? Ask Michael. He's up for the challenge.

Odit Jailall
Parts Advisor
(416) 748-2900

Joining the dealership in 2008, Odit is a key member of the team having worked in the Service Department before transitioning to Parts where he has been helping the shop technicians and a broad range of local customers such as body shops and private garages for several years. If you have a Parts question or difficulty locating a part for a vintage vehicle, Odit can probably help you. Call him with your query on tires, accessories, or any automotive part.

Schevon Blake
Customer Service Representative

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Victorea Coward
(416) 748-2900

Amanda Chicoyne
Administrative Assistant