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7 Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Damaged

7 Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Damaged

Having a strong car battery might be more important than you think. 

Your car battery is essential for dozens of important tasks your vehicle performs every second.

From starting the engine to powering your electrical systems, supporting the alternator and ensuring you have a reliable performance during the winter months are just a few of the top reasons why staying on top of your battery health is important. 

A damaged or failing car battery can exhibit several signs that indicate it needs to be replaced. 

Recognizing the warning signs your car battery is damaged as soon as you see them could save you from being stranded or breaking down on the side of the road. 

Thankfully, this blog will teach you warning signs that your car battery is damaged or needs replacing. 


7 Warning Signs Your Car Battery is Damaged

  • Slow Engine Crank: One of the earliest and easiest signs to detect that your car battery is dying is when the engine turns over slowly or struggles to get going when you start your car
  • Dimming Lights: A damaged or old battery may cause the headlights, interior lights, or dashboard lights to dim when you start the car or when you use other electrical components.
  • Electrical Issues: If you notice that your power windows or doors don’t always work when you press the button, your battery may be failing 
  • Check Engine Light: The check engine light can indicate various issues, including a damaged battery. We always recommend making an appointment to see our team if your engine light comes on. It could be a sign that you are due for a service or of a larger issue
  • Swelling or Bulging Battery Case: If you notice the battery case is swollen or bulging, this is an obvious sign your battery needs to be replaced immediately. Keep an eye out for things like a cracked case or frayed or broken cables as well. 
  • Corrosion on Battery Terminals: Corrosion on the battery terminals will often stop the battery from being able to deliver power to the electrical systems in your vehicle. Corrosion typically looks like a white, green, or bluish powdery crusty substance around the battery terminals and cable connections.
  • Old Age: Car batteries typically last between 3-5 years, depending on how often you drive your vehicle and where you live. If your battery is older than this, you probably need to replace it. 


If you notice any of these signs, come see our Etobicoke car service team at Woodbine Nissan today!

We can check the health of your battery and source you a new one right away if necessary. 

Have questions about your vehicle, general maintenance tips, parts or other car-related questions, give our team a call at (416) 748-2900.

We are here to assist you in any way we can. Even if that means giving you expert advice over the phone.

You can also book a service appointment here or chat with our parts experts to source the right part for your Nissan. 

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