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Engine Noise: 5 Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Engine Noise: 5 Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Your car is making scary noises… but which ones should you get checked out immediately? Engine noises shouldn’t be ignored, and we’re here to give Toronto drivers a run-down of common problematic car noises.


Because we get it… life can get busy. Your kids have a million appointments, life’s expenses are piling up and inflation is only increasing… who has the time or money for unnecessary car services? However, leaving these engine noises alone causes more harm to your vehicle the longer you wait and can cost you more in the long run if left untreated. 


So, when it comes to engine noise, here are 5 sounds you should never ignore! 


A young woman calls for help as she has engine trouble on the side of the road.


Engine Noise #1: Knocking Sounds

Hearing a knocking noise in your engine is never good!


It could be caused by one of many issues. Knocking sounds can mean ignition problems, like a damaged fuel filter, fuel injector, spark plug, or a problem with the engine bearings! This can lead to poor ignition timing, or something more serious like a faulty piston or loose bearing that can destroy the engine when driven.


Tapping sounds may also arise when you use a lower-grade or wrong octane fuel in your car. Be sure to fill up correctly to avoid this issue.


If you hear a loud knocking, don’t ignore it! Doing so can cause damage to your engine, or worse yet, cause your engine to blow.

Does this sound like your engine? Book yourself a service appointment with our team here


Engine Noise #2: Squealing Sounds 

If your car begins to make a squealing noise, you need to get it checked out. Ignoring an issue can lead to more expensive and serious repairs down the road.


Most commonly, squealing noises are due to a loose or worn belt. If your serpentine belt starts to wear out,  you need that fixed as soon as possible. Your serpentine belt powers your alternator, water pump, and power steering pump… if this belt breaks, your car can overheat or lose power steering!


And if you hear squealing when you brake, your brake pads may be worn out! 


The serpentine belt in a car's engine.


Learn more about serpentine belts and their care here


Engine Noise #3: Clicking Sounds

While clicking sounds can come from several areas of your vehicle, clicking sounds coming from your engine are common because of low engine oil. 


What can you do? Check the oil using your dipstick to determine if your oil levels are low, and top off with oil if low before seeing a professional mechanic. If your oil level is good, then the problem could be a loss of oil pressure or blockage due to dirty oil! 


Clicking sounds can also be indicative of worn sway bars or struts, valvetrain problems, or leaks. Be sure to get a professional to diagnose your engine and recommend a solution before it worsens!


Engine Noise #4: Grinding Sounds

You’re driving and you hear a grinding noise… what is that? Grinding sounds can be caused by worn-out bearings in the engine, a worn-out clutch, or worn-out brakes. All of these are serious.


If you hear a grinding noise when driving or idling, it is most likely the worn-out bearings in your engine. If you hear a grinding noise when shifting gears, then it is most likely a transmission issue. Worn gears, a slipping clutch, or a damaged transmission mount can be your culprits! 


The gear shift in a manual transmission Nissan vehicle.


Never ignore a grinding sound when driving, and be sure to book an appointment with our service team to ensure a safe driving experience in your Nissan vehicle.

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Engine Noise #5: Popping Noises

If you hear popping noises, along with the feeling of some engine hesitation, your engine is likely in trouble. It could be a simple issue, like a clogged fuel filter, worn-out or dirty spark plugs, a dirty air filter… or something more serious like ignition problems. Faulty ignition components or damaged catalytic converters can lead to reduced engine performance over time.


If you hear any odd popping noises, then it’s time to take your vehicle to a mechanic.


What is a catalytic converter and what does it do? Learn more about that here.


What to Do if You Hear a Scary Engine Noise

Speak to a professional mechanic and have your car checked out! Ignoring any of the noises listed above could lead to some serious damage to your vehicle.


Our service team of expert certified technicians at Woodbine Nissan services all makes and models. You’ll be in safe hands with our genuine parts, advanced diagnostic technology, and customer support.


The exterior of the Woodbine Nissan dealership in Toronto.


Book in with Your Toronto Car Service Team

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