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2023 Nissan Frontier Off Road Accessories

2023 Nissan Frontier Off Road Accessories

Woodbine Nissan is excited to offer the latest line of NISMO Off-Road products inspired by the 2023 Frontier.


Designed to enhance the off-road capabilities of this gorgeous new pick-up, drivers across the Greater Toronto Area will be able to pick and choose their favourite accessories to round out their new Frontier. Whether your adventure is driving deep into the desert or high up into the mountains to find your slice of freedom, NISMO Off Road is staying true to its heritage with our new line of performance and adventure products for Nissan trucks.

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Nissan Frontier Off-Road Accessories & Packages


At Woodbine Nissan, we love giving our customers control over their new vehicle purchases. That includes everything from the colour of your new Frontier to customizing which accessories and how many of each accessory you want to order in order to personalize your new purchase.
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In terms of the new off-road accessories for the Frontier, we have gone ahead and created three different package recommendations; Overland Package, Rally Package and Adventure Package to assist you in accessorizing your Frontier. Even better, Motorsports parts installed during the new vehicle warranty will extend through and not end.
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NISMO Off-Road Base Overland Package

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NISMO Off-Road Rally Pro Package

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2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-8.jpg

NISMO Off-Road Base Rally Package
2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-9.jpg


2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-10.jpg

NISMO Off-Road Adventure Pro Package
2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-11.jpg


2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-12.jpg

NISMO Off-Road Base Adventure Package
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NISMO Off-Road Accessory Options

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-20.jpg
Roof Rack (2022 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-21.jpg

4 Inch Round Driving Lights (Wide Application)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-22.jpg

High-Performance Front Suspension Kit (2005 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-23.jpg

High-Performance Rear Suspension (2022 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-14.jpg

Axis Graphite Truck Wheel (2005 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-15.jpg

Axis Bronze Truck Wheel (2005 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-16.jpg

Low Overlanding Rack (2005 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-17.jpg

High Overlanding Rack (2005 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-18.jpg

NISMO Hood Graphic (2022 Frontier - Present)

2023-Nissan-Frontier-Off Road-Accessories-19.jpg

Roof Top Tent (Wide Application)

Nissan Frontier Accessories in Toronto & Area


The 2023 Nissan Frontier was designed with the Ontario explorer in mind. Equipped with a max 6,490 lb towing capacity and all the tech and durability one needs for their adventures, the Frontier is a dream pick-up truck for those looking to get off the beaten path.

These NISMO accessories can be mixed and matched to suit your individual style and our suggested packages can equip you just in time for the summer months.

To learn more about pricing and availability, contact us today!

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