If you want to know more about car tires than you’ve come to the right place. Besides the engine, tires are arguably the most important part of your vehicle. They absorb shock, direct your vehicle in the right direction, and provide traction. They are the first point of contact between your Nissan and the road.

Having good tires and properly maintaining their health will save you money, keep you safe and help lengthen the life of your vehicle. Have questions about Nissan tires, wheel alignments or tire services? Talk to one of our Tire Experts today! 

Common Tire Questions:

  • Why Should I Regularly Rotate my Tires?
  • What is Optimum Tire Pressure?
  • Why is Good Tire Tread Important?
  • How Do I Check My Tire Tread?
  • How Much Do Wheel Alignments Cost?
  • Which Tire Brand is Best?

Regular Tire Rotations

A tire rotation is when a Nissan technician rotates all four of your tires around the vehicle. So each tire can spend some time on a different spot on the vehicle.

Technicians do this because front tires usually wear down faster than rear tires and you want all your tires to wear down at the same rate. This way, you can replace them at the same time which is more affordable than buying tires one at a time.

Regular tire rotations will also help your tires last longer so you don’t have to spend money on replacing them as much. Your Nissan vehicle manual will have the recommended tire rotation schedule inside.

Maintaining Optimum Tire Pressure

You Nissan tires have a specific pressure they should always be at. This helps your vehicle run smoothly. If your tire pressure surges or falls below that point, your fuel economy and driving capabilities may become compromised.

When your tires are at the right pressure, they stop excessive tread wear which lengthens their life span. Properly inflated tires also improve traction and braking abilities. Finally, drivers save money on fuel when the tires are properly inflated.

Did You Know: The weather can actually play a big role when it comes to your tire pressure? Cold weather causes the pressure to drop while warm weather increases tire pressure.

Why Good Tire Tread Matters

Normal wear-and-tear of your tires is perfectly normal. However, be cautious. Do not let your tire tread become to worn out.

When tires become bald, they lose almost all traction on slippery surfaces during rainy conditions or wintertime.

Something to be particularly cautious about is hydroplaning. If you have no tire tread and water becomes trapped underneath your tires, you can lose contact with the road and slide.

This is avoidable by making sure your tires always have good tread. An easy way to check the tire tread of your vehicle is to insert a toonie into one of the grooves.

This helpful video from our friends at AMA shows you how!

What is a Wheel Alignment? 

A wheel alignment is different than a tire rotation. An alignment refers to an adjustment of the suspension otherwise known as the system that connects your vehicle to the tires.

When you get a tire alignment, the technician adjusts the angles of the tires which allows your vehicle to drive on the road properly. It also allows you to have a more comfortable drive with better handling.

If your wheels are left unchecked for too long, it can create serious suspension issues that result in costly repairs down the road. Suspension issues also degrade your fuel economy which costs you money in the short-term, too.

How do you know if you need a wheel alignment? Typically your vehicle will pull to one direction if you take your hands off the wheel. Usually, we recommend having your wheel alignment checked once a year.

Which Tire Brand is Best?

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle means taking a few things into consideration. You need to evaluate the type of vehicle you drive, where you live, what the climate is like, how often you drive and what your budget is.

The answers to these questions will help you choose between the dozens of tire brands available. Feeling overwhelmed? Our Tire Experts can walk you through the process. We carry the top tire brand including BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Yokohama, Firestone, and more!

Shopping for Tires

If you are shopping for tires, need a tire service or wheel alignment, come see our team! We are proud to house a state-of-the-art Certified Nissan Auto Service Centre. Our technicians are the best in Etobicoke and are committed to treating our guests and their vehicles right.

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