The number one reason customers have for not buying winter tires is cost. Depending on the vehicle you drive, a complete set of snow tires, mounted and balanced, can cost anywhere between $700 – $1,000. That’s a lot of money for most of us.

But there are a lot of financial benefits to purchasing winter tires. In fact, when we did the math, we realized that buying winter tires can actually save you money in the long run. Especially if you get into an accident this season.

Winter Tires are Safer

Customers often ask us if driving a crossover or SUV is enough protection in the winter. Or, if their all-seasons will do the trick in a sticky situation? While utility vehicles do have systems in place such as all-wheel-drive that help you gain traction on slippery surfaces, its winter tires that help you stop.

A dedicated set of winter tires outperform all seasons 100% of the time. In fact, Tire Rack performed several road tests which found that winter tires gave drivers a 35% improvement in braking over all-season tires on ice. That percentage could mean all the difference in a life or death situation.

Get a Winter Tires Rebate from Your Insurance Company

In Ontario, insurance companies are required to provide a discount of around 2% to 5% to drivers with winter tires. For example, if your annual premium is $1,000, you can get up to $50 per year back!

Some insurance companies may ask for a receipt of your purchase. Others may ask for a picture of your vehicle with winter tires on. Keep in mind; you must purchase a complete set (four tires) to qualify.

Winter Tires are Cheaper Than Your Deductible

Getting into an accident is a costly affair. In addition to rentals, repairs, and inconvenience, you have insurance costs. Did you know Ontario drivers pay more in insurance and deductibles than any other province in Canada? Winter tires great reduce the chances of an accident in icy conditions. If you could avoid the headache of an accident, and save yourself money in costly repairs, why wouldn’t you?

Are Winter Tires Worth it?

Winter tires work better the colder it gets. When the temperature drops to 7 Celsius, the rubber compound used in making winter tires become more flexible. That way, it can grip snow and ice far better than all-season tires which actually start losing their functionality at 7 Celsius.

The increased safety winter tires offer for you and your passengers far outweighs any cost. The fact that they could be the difference between life and death in a serious accident should be enough reason to consider them for you and your family this season.

Trust us, if you’ve never had winter tires before, the difference you will feel is immediate. You can drive circles around anyone with all-season tires on, especially in icy conditions. And that added peace of mind on the road? Priceless.

Winter tires don’t have to cost a fortune! Our Nissan Factory Trained Parts Advisors can work within your budget to help you find the right set for your vehicle that you can afford. Shop our tires online today!