Woodbine Nissan hosted our annual holiday party last weekend and it was one for the books! This time around we decided to have the festivities in-house, so we could invest the extra money we usually reserve for a banquet hall back into our amazing team and employees.

2018 was an incredible time of growth for our dealership. Our new General Manager Joe David took over earlier in the year and under his leadership, our team has become stronger than ever. We’ve had a big year in terms of sales but it’s also been one of development. Everyone from Finance to Service really brought their best to the table, and each department is to thank for the strong year we’ve had.

The evening included home-cooked Italian cuisine for dinner. Awards followed, acknowledging the hard work and love everyone put into making 2018 such a success.  Finally, the night ended with speeches from our management team. The room was full of smiles and it was great to have everyone together, enjoying some food and relaxing.

Thanks to everyone who came and had a great time with us. On behalf of all of us here at Woodbine Nissan, have a happy holiday with your loved ones. Whichever way you celebrate, best wishes and happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2019.


Our Fearless Leaders

Everyone’s Showing Off Their Hardwear
Tom Was Awarded Manager of the Year

That’s One Festive Sweater 

Everyone Sitting Down to Enjoy Dinner

Alex Awarding Rupi With Variable Operations Employee of the Year

Patricia and Amadeo are Sure Pulling Those Sweaters Off

Melody Was Awarded Salesperson of the Year

Amadeo Was Awarded Fixed Operations Employee of the Year

Joe Handing Niv the Core Values Award

Sunny Receiving the Administrative Employ of the Year Award

The Food Was Delicious 

Speech! Speech! Speech!