Winters in Ontario are cold and harsh. The streets are covered in snow and ice, and driving on them can get really dangerous. So how do you stay safe on the road when the temperature drops?

Winter tires!

Winter tires are made with a special rubber compound that works better in colder temperatures. They also have deeper tread patterns that help you grip on snow-covered roads. Winter tires even give you have better handling and traction on ice.

Essentially, winter tires help keep you and your family safe and are an essential part of buying a new car in Etobicoke. Besides this, having them on your vehicle can also save you money on your car insurance as they improve the overall safety of your vehicle.

Winter Tires Lower the Cost of Your Car Insurance

Since winter tires greatly reduce your chances of having an accident during the winter, the Ontario government mandated that automotive insurance companies offer discounts that promote the use of approved winter tires.

Insurance premiums in Ontario are higher than most provinces in Canada so winter tires provide a great opportunity for you to save money. To qualify, all you need are four tires that meet Transport Canada guidelines.

Winter Tire Insurance Discount and Savings

Winter tires might seem like an expensive purchase now, but they are guaranteed to improve your driving. They also greatly reduce the chances of an accident. Plus, they help you save money on your car insurance.

All insurance companies offer a discount anywhere between 2% to 5% on your vehicle when you have winter tires installed. That can mean savings up to $100 a year, depending on how much your insurance costs you annually.

If you have questions about car insurance, winter tires or how to save money on automotive financing, schedule an appointment with one of our Finance Specialists today. We can walk you through the car loan process, insurance rates and help you overcome bad credit with a new car loan.

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