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The Woodbine Nissan dealership located on Highway 27, near Rexdale in Etobicoke is now getting a facelift. Founded in 2012, the dealership has experienced exponential growth in its staff strength, sales volume, vehicle maintenance and repair services. Its popularity is so impressive that customers from within and outside the GTA come to do business and even send referrals.

With the astounding reputation of the fastest growing automotive brand, Nissan Corporate body is set to revitalize its brand’s vision, promise and uniqueness that will continue to reverberate in the minds of customers around the globe. And to function as an exemplary brand ambassador, the Woodbine Nissan dealership in Etobicoke is fully integrating the Nissan DNA into the Architectural design of its facility.

The exterior and interior looks of the dealership are now being upgraded to reflect the visual identity of the NISSAN brand. The main entrance to the Showroom and the entire frontal roof edges of the facility have been reconstructed with NISSAN brand symbol. NISSAN has a brand slogan called “SHIFT- the Joy of driving” simply summarised as “Everything we touch, we shift; everything we shift, we strive to make it better and uniquely NISSAN”. As a testimonial to this assertion, the ongoing upgrade of the exterior parts of the Woodbine Nissan building will make the dealership more attractive and be easily located from afar by potential customers driving on Highway 27 and in the geographical area as a “unique Nissan dealership”.

The demolition of the old structures in front of the facility provides more space for customers to park their vehicles. The dealership has also increased its inventory covering all makes of Nissan vehicles ranging from sedans, cubes, vans, hatchbacks to Trucks. It also carries Pre-owned vehicles of different makes including Nissan, Infiniti, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Audi, BMW and a host of others.

The showroom is something that will definitely beat the imagination of every customer. The aesthetic looks of the ceiling and lights are amazing, everything looking new, different and attractive. The Floor design and the new offices of the Sales Staff truly portray the NISSAN brand that will give customers a pleasant experience, trust, positive feelings and a lasting memory of the dealership.

There is also an in-house ultra-modern CAFETERIA located in the Customers waiting area. Talk of any cuisine you want while at the dealership, everything is within your reach. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner inclusive.

The Parts Department is not left out. It has been expanded to give room for more spare parts and accessories in the dealership.

The Finance department is also having a taste of the new upgrades with a shift of one of the offices to a new location in the showroom.

The Service area has completely metamorphosed to a department with bright and elegant drive-through, parking area and new generation interior design.

Today, Woodbine Nissan is no doubt a dealership where customers will find a vehicle of their choice and have a pleasant purchase and service experience.