At Woodbine Nissan we call this VELOCITY PRICING!

For centuries it seemed you could never be sure, in recent years with the electronic capabilities to shop massive geographic areas with the touch of a button from your desk top and with a tremendous amount of time consuming research and technical ability you could provide yourself some peace of mind.

Woodbine Nissan’s VELOCITY PRICING allows you to rest assured with complete peace of mind knowing your deal was the best deal for you.

For many years dealers and used car operators walked the fine line off getting as much as possible from a buyer for their product and hope they did not find out later they paid too much. In doing so these sellers were prepared to hold on to inventory for seeing indefinite periods of time hoping the right buyer would drive by and fall in love.

How times have changed. Our Velocity Pricing philosophy recognizes the fiscal sensibility of not letting precious inventory simply sit and sit. At the same time we are keenly aware of the demand for best prices and the ability of the consumer to find the best price online. Velocity pricing takes it a step further and actually measures not simply price but assures you our esteemed customer of The Best Value.

We have invested in the state of the art software that allows to complete all of the research across markets near and far, and compare our products to the competitor’s product and the we quickly are able to identify the transaction price that will allow you the confidence to make your best deal today.

Joe Kirkland, General Sales Manager.