Leasing is fast becoming a popular option for many drivers, especially for people living in Toronto, Ontario. Traditionally, it used to be there were only two ways you could purchase a car: With cash or financing. These days, there is a third option for consumers and one that makes a lot of sense for many Canadians, and that is leasing.

Leasing a car in Toronto, Woodbine, and the Greater Toronto Area has never been easier or more popular. Not only does leasing mean lower monthly car payments and less stress, it also means you always drive a new vehicle that has the latest tech and features.

#1 Lower Monthly Car Payments
When you finance a car, the loan is equal to the entire cost of the vehicle, plus interest. However, when you lease a car you only pay for the depreciation that happens during the period of time you drive the vehicle.This equates to lower monthly payments because the value of depreciation is usually far less than the total value of the car.

Leasing is a great option for buyers on a budger. It allows them to choose a nicer vehicle while allocating those savings for other costs, like regular maintenance. Leasing also means you can drive a car that might normally be out of your price range if you were to finance.

#2 You Always Drive a New Car
Eventually, over time, technology becomes outdated. Features that we thought were once groundbreaking now seem out-of-date. Think about it! In the past, buyers thought air conditioning was revolutionary. These days, you wouldn’t even consider buying a vehicle without it.

Leasing contracts usually last three years, although you can adjust this time period based on your needs. At the end of your lease, you simply drive your vehicle to the dealership and upgrade to a new vehicle. That means you are always driving with the latest features and innovations.

It also means you can experience different models in a short amount of time so that if you do decide to finance down the road you will have a better understanding of what you are looking for in a vehicle.

#3 Stress-Free Experience
Anyone that has tried to sell a used vehicle privately before, knows what a headache it can be. Dealing with buyers and private ads is a nightmare. When you lease, you eliminate that part of the car-owning experience altogether. When your lease is over, you simply drive the vehicle back to Woodbine Nissan and we take care of the rest.

You don’t have to worry about resale value. You don’t have to worry about trading it in. You simply bring it back and decide what you want to drive next.

#4 Leasing is Stress-Free
Most vehicles don’t start having issues until they’re a few years old. This is natural, of course, as wear-and-tear eventually takes its toll on a vehicle. Things go wrong and when they do, you need to have them fixed – which can be expensive.

Leased vehicles are covered under warranty. They are also new, which means big problems are very rare. If there is an unexpected repair and it’s covered, there is no need to worry about the bill. Of course, you are responsible for regular maintenance, like oil changes, etc. However, the peace of mind you experience from knowing your vehicle is new and under warranty is priceless.

Leasing a Car in Toronto from Woodbine Nissan
Have you tried the traditional financing route and didn’t like it? Maybe you’re looking for a new option when it comes to buying a vehicle. Why not try leasing?

Leasing frees up some of your budget for other things, plus it means you get to drive a nicer car than if you were to finance. If you have more questions about leasing, financing or just general inquiries, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (416) 748-2900! Our team of financial experts can help you find a vehicle solution that best fits your needs.