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Yes… Anywhere.

The only thing you have to worry about is deciding where you want to go. And, in case you needed a little inspiration, we’ve put together a list of things to see across Canada. Be warned, though. Once you read this list, you’re going to want to hop on a plane tonight.

Edmonton, Alberta – Canada’s Festival City
Edmonton – AKA Canada’s Festival City — comes alive in the summertime with music, food, and entertainment. Enjoy the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in old Strathcona which brings in over 800 performers and buskers over the course of 10-days. There’s also Heritage Days, Edmonton’s iconic Folk Music Fest, and a savory buffet of the city’s most delicious treats during the Taste of Edmonton. When you come to Alberta’s capital city there is no shortage of things to do.

Victoria, British Columbia – Whale-Watching Cruise
If Victoria ends up being your final destination, you’re in for a treat. Taking in a three-hour whale watching cruise on the Pacific Ocean is about as amazing as it sounds. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even spy some orcas (killer whales). It’s the best way to take in Victoria’s beautiful coastline and learn about the life cycles of the ocean’s wildlife.

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Assiniboine Park Zoo
Located minutes from downtown Winnipeg, the Assiniboine Park Zoo has been a favorite destination amongst visitors and animal lovers for over a century. The Zoo is open year-round with both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Enjoy educational programs and learn about the over 200 animal species that call the zoo home. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest and most beautiful zoos in Canada.

Fredericton, New Brunswick – Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market
Recognized as one of Canada’s best community markets, the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market is a Saturday must-see in Fredericton. With more than 250 outdoor and indoor vendors, it’s the perfect place to discover locally harvested seasonal products, ethnic delicacies, unique handcrafted gifts, and more.

St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador – The East Coast Trail
The East Coast Trail spans over 300 kilometers of developed trail and leads the adventurous through Portugal Cove, Cape St. Francis, Cappahayden and beyond. Imagine stumbling upon abandoned settlements or casting your eyes on magnificent lighthouses. Discover ecological reserves, seabird colonies, whales, icebergs and the world’s southernmost caribou herd.

The East Coast Trail is also home to a 50-metre suspension bridge, two active archaeological dig sites, and a natural wave-driven geyser called the Spout. It’s truly one of the most breathtaking hikes you’ll ever experience, and it’s right in Canada’s backyard.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Halifax Waterfront
The Halifax Waterfront starts at Pier 21, otherwise known as the Gateway into Canada. Visitors can explore eclectic shops and galleries and some of the city’s best restaurants.

While you’re there, be sure to visit Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, the oldest continuously operating farmers’ market in North America. Finally, if you’re just looking for a spot to take in some live music and a pint, grab a spot on the patio overlooking the water at The Lower Deck Pub.

Toronto, Ontario – Hockey Hall of Fame
If you’re a true Canadian, then you’re born loving hockey. That’s why a visit to Toronto wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. After all, it’s the official home of the Stanley Cup.

Go one-on-one against life-size, animated versions of today’s greatest goalies and shooters (and yes, that includes Sidney Crosby); explore the largest collection of hockey memorabilia in the world and watch your favorite hockey movies in one of their two theaters.

Charlottetown, P.E.I. – Prince Edward Island National Park
The Prince Edward Island National Park is a natural wonder. Stretching along the north coast of the eponymous island, it encompasses many of the island’s breathtaking sights. Take in dramatic red sand sea cliffs and towering dunes and beautiful birch forests inhabited by majestic wildlife. Charlottetown is in itself a city full of vibrant colors and sights, its residents truly embracing the friendly Canadian ethos of kindness.

Quebec City, Quebec – Old Québec
Québec City is known by many as the soul of the province, a place that proudly represents the French Canadian identity. It also happens to be one of North America’s oldest and most magnificent settlements. There, you’ll find a non-stop parade of entertainment and pizazz in the summer, with musicians, acrobats and actors in period costume taking to the streets every day.

In the winter months, Québec’s Winter Carnival is arguably the biggest and most colorful winter festival in the country. Even if you just want to enjoy late dinners and take in beautiful architecture and classic homes, there is no shortage of things to see or do in Old Quebec.

Regina, Saskatchewan – The MacKenzie Art Gallery
If you didn’t expect Regina to be a cultural hub for the arts, you’d be wrong. Of particular interest for tourists is The MacKenzie Art Gallery, Saskatchewan’s largest public art gallery, offering original exhibitions of contemporary and historical art from Canada and around the world. Every year over 70,000 people come to the MacKenzie Art Gallery to take in the rich culture of Canada and beyond.

Yellowknife, North West Territories – Snowkings Winter Festival
The Snowkings Winter Festival is entering its 23rd year in Yellowknife, a festival that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the North West Territories. The snow castle, which is built entirely out of snow and ice, takes over two months to build in weather as cold as -30 Celsius. Enjoy the month-long celebration of community spirit, collaboration, innovation in the arts, and entertainment.

Iqaluit, Nunavut – The Original Hudson’s Bay Company
Everyone in Canada knows the Hudson’s Bay Company. It’s likely your grandma took you there on an afternoon shopping adventure at some point in your youth. Well, the original Hudson’s Bay Company trading post can be found in Iqaluit, Nunavut. First founded in 1670, Aboriginals would barter furs for trade goods such as knives, beads, needles, and blankets.

Whitehouse, Yukon – Takhini Hot Pools
The Takhini Hot Pools is one of the most visited locations in the Yukon. The hot springs have been in operation for over 100 years and the water is natural and rich in minerals. If Whitehorse is calling your name, make sure to dip your toes in its famous water.

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