You don’t buy a 370Z because you want a leisurely drive. You buy a 370Z because you want fire, exhilaration, and most importantly you want power. Well, buckle up because things just got a whole lot faster thanks to Nissan’s all-new 4th-generation version of the legendary VQ V6 engine.

With a 3.7-litre displacement for massive muscle, this 332 HP dynamo features advanced Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) technology that continuously tunes valve lift and timing for faster response and a broader torque curve.

Nissan has also introduced a lighter suspension, so the 370Z reacts simultaneously with you. By using strong, yet lightweight aluminum in combination with a double-wishbone front and 4-link rear design, you have a 370Z that’s more responsive than ever before.

Dual flow pass shocks enhance control, while super-light forged 19″ alloy wheels are available for increased speed and agility. And, when you need to brake? Nissan’s 4-piston brake calipers on 14″ front rotors are there to provide balance and stability around tight corners. The 370Z Touring Sport and 370Z NISMO models also come with Nissan’s largest brakes to date — 14″ front rotors, with the gripping power of 4-piston front calipers.

Nissan 370Z Design
The 2017 Nissan 370Z has a shorter wheelbase than its predecessor. That means quicker response times and a tighter, more agile drive around every corner. Drivers will also enjoy the 370Z’s lower center of gravity and reinforced structural supports under the hood and along the body. This allows the chassis to handle any load the suspension might dish out.

Another striking achievement for the 370Z is Nissan’s Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). It continuously monitors the speed of each wheel, steering angle, yaw, lateral G-forces and braking pressure, compares the data to the steered vehicle path and, if it senses the onset of plowing (understeer) or fishtailing (oversteer), VDC brakes individual wheels to slow you down.

In terms of comfort, all you need to do is a take a seat inside the 370Z to know just how good the interior feels. The driver’s seat has cut away areas to help your arms move without inhibition for steering and shifting. The lower seat cushions also have cutaway areas that let you operate the pedals with ease. Couple this with side bolsters and anti-slip materials on the seat and you experience total comfort on every drive.

To keep things organized, the 370Z features three cup holders, a lockable glove compartment, a parcel box behind the passenger seat and parcel shelves behind both seats. Keep your cell phone, additional keys, and whatever else you need within reach at all times. The 370Z is a sports car, but it’s designed with every driver in mind.

Technology is Key
You are a busy person, and your time is precious. That’s why Nissan has included the Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System in the 370Z, which allows you to make and receive calls through the audio system. There is also an available navigation system, and you can stream your favorite music from any compatible device through the wireless technology. This way, you stay connected even when you’re on the road.

Nissan has also introduced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) in this latest model. ANC helps remove unwanted powertrain noise in the cabin and works in conjunction with ASE to smooth out and enhance the engine note in the cabin. This way your ride is smooth both under the hood and behind the wheel.

Every inch of the 370Z has been designed to make your drive as exceptional as possible. The interior is both quiet and comfortable, while the tech keeps you plugged in at all times. The power is undeniable, as is the design. The 370Z is a car that connects with its driver, and that driver should be you.

Buying a 2017 Nissan 370Z at Woodbine Nissan
Woodbine Nissan is becoming the automotive destination for people from the Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, North York, and Toronto, ON areas. We sell the full lineup of Nissan cars, trucks, and SUV, but we especially love the 370Z! Its exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful design, and exhilarating power make it one of the nicest sports cars on the road. And it’s been that way for over 10 years.

Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself. We’re confident you will love this machine as much as we do!